Mobile Ticketing FAQ's

Mobile Ticketing FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Account Manager
    • Account Manager is a mobile ticket platform that allows fans to view, exchange, and transfer tickets for Worcester Railers games.


  • Is there any costs associated with Account Manager?
    • No, this is a free digital service provided to all ticket holders.


  • Why did the Worcester Railers & DCU Center move to mobile tickets?
    • Mobile tickets provide fans the safest and most convenient access to manage their tickets
    • Mobile tickets provide easy access for fans to enter the DCU Center
    • Mobile tickets provide a reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit, or forgotten tickets


  • How do I access my tickets on Account Manager?
    • Please visit this page (Link Account Manager) or visit to access your tickets. Once on Account Manager, login with the email address associated with your ticket purchase.


  • Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?
    • Yes, multiple tickets can live on one account however we highly recommend tickets get transferred to each individual attendee.


  • Can I print my tickets at home?
    • No, all tickets are fully digital and only accessible via a mobile device. Printed screenshots will not work


  • Can I enter with a screenshot of my ticket?
    • No, all tickets have active barcodes that change so screenshots will not work. The only barcodes that will work will either be on your Account Manager or tickets downloaded to your mobile wallet.


  • Can I download my tickets to my phone?
    • Yes, tickets can be downloaded from Account Manager to either your mobile wallet. If you have an iPhone, the tickets can be downloaded to your Apple Wallet. If you have an Android device, tickets can be downloaded to your Google Pay Wallet. Simply view your tickets on Account Manager and follow the prompted steps to download the tickets. We highly recommend tickets get downloaded before arriving to the DCU Center in order to ensure easy entry.


  • How do I transfer tickets?
    • Tickets can be transferred via Account Manager. Once there, please go to “My Events” and select the event. Once there, you will see a “Transfer” button in the top right corner and follow the instructions. Tickets can be transferred to either an email address or cell phone. Anyone having tickets transferred to them will need to create an account and accept the transfer.


  • What if my entire party is not with me when I am ready to enter the DCU Center?
    • Simply transfer the ticket(s) to each member who has not arrived yet so they can enter when they arrive


  • What if my phone breaks, dies, or is lost before I arrive?
    • Simply visit the DCU Center box office at door 9 and a member of our staff will assist.


  • What if I do not have internet connection and can’t access my tickets?
    • Simply visit the DCU Center box office at door 9 and a member of our staff will assist. To avoid this, we highly recommend you download your ticket to your mobile wallet prior to arriving to the DCU Center


  • Can tickets be transferred after the start of the event?
    • Yes, tickets can be transferred up until the end of the second period.


For any other questions, feel free to reach out to our Front Office

Front Office Main Line: 508-365-1750