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The Worcester Railers HC partnered with Cintron World to launch We Love Our Hockey Moms, a one-month (May 2021) tribute to mothers who rise early for practice, lug equipment back and forth to the rink, cheer from the stands, fundraise, carpool, and travel near and far to support the hockey players in their lives. Hockey players of all ages across Central Mass were encouraged to nominate their mother for a chance to be publicly recognized across Railers media channels. Winners received a gift basket including gift cards, Railers merchandise, and Cintron beverages.

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Recognized Hockey Moms


Mary Lassey is a former college hockey player and is currently a girls hockey coach at Worcester Academy. She put her children on skates as soon as they could walk, and she’s always at the rink to support them at practices and games. Mary has volunteered numerous times to help out with understaffed learn to skate and mosquito programs. She also started a moms league to give hockey moms the opportunity to play and learn the game their kids love.


Laura Legault has nurtured a love of hockey in her six (yes, six) sons over the past 16 years. She drives them to practices and tournaments, outfits them with new gear, travels to all far-away road games, and is always on time. Perhaps best said by her son Alex, “we love her!!”


Danielle Iacampo is the definition of a hockey mom. Ever since her son Michael could walk, they would play floor hockey together in the kitchen, Danielle playing goalie while Michael scuffed up her floors. As he got older, they moved onto shooting in the driveway and on the pond, even on cold winter nights after shoveling off inches of snow. Today, Danielle will drive her son to practices 45 minutes away just to watch him skate. Whether bonding over a bite to eat at Chick-fil-A after a late practice or giving a motivational talk after a tough loss, Danielle sacrifices time and effort to push Michael to be the best player he can be. Danielle is also a player herself, skating for the Lady Lightning every Sunday.


Ashley Bustos is a hockey mom to her son, Isaiah. During the time of the pandemic when fans were not allowed at practices and games, Ashley created a Facebook page for Isaiah’s team so families at home could stream them live. Not only is she a hockey mom, Ashley is also a nurse who selflessly sacrificed her time and safety to serve our community during the pandemic. Thank you Ashley for you dedication to helping others, and thank you for being a wonderful hockey mom!