HC Member Spotlight: Jessica Kiley

Jessica Kiley was our very first HC Member and therefore, the first to claim a spot in our Founder’s Circle. 



Q : You were the first one to sign up for the Founders Circle, how does that feel?

A : I can’t take all the credit my daughter told me to sign up.

Q : How long have you been a season ticket holder?

A : My daughter Meaghan has been going since she was 2, so 14 years. After the second season as a season ticket holder the seats I wanted became available so I got them and I will stay in them until I die.

Q : Do you play hockey?

A : I just loves the game, my kids played hockey when I was younger.

Q : Have you lived in Worcester your whole life?

A : I have lived in Worcester County my whole life, I live in Shrewsbury now.

Q : Were you upset when the Sharks left?

A : It was heartbreaking, like losing family. This year with no hockey was brutal, we used to love going to the preseason parties for the team but clearly there wasn’t one this year.

Q : What was your reaction when you heard the Railers HC were coming?

A : I thought, thank God hockey is coming back.

Q : What did you do for hockey this year?

A : I went to a Bruins v. Sharks game and wore teal, I was the only one with teal on and got some strange looks for it.