The Gang Heads to Vegas (Again)

The Gang Heads to Vegas (Again)

ECHL League Meetings Round Two baby

The ENTIRE front office is heading to Vegas today, June 19th, for ECHL league meetings. Our office, located at 105 Commercial St. Door 22 of the DCU Center, will be closed from Tuesday, 19th 5pm and will open back up on Monday, June 25that 9am.

Trax, however, will be staying in Worcester and will be appearing at the following events:

Tuesday, June 19th:

 6-7pm Taste of Shrewsbury

Saturday, June 23rd:

10:30-11:30 McCoys Action Karate

12:00-12:45 Millbury Youth Commission

1:00-1:45 Big Dipper Event @ Elm Park

2:00-2:45 Jake’s Memorial Car Show

So, make sure to say hello if you’re out and about and see him! While we will be busy attending meetings, we will have access to our emails and will check them periodically. If you need to get in touch with any of us, your best bet is to contact us there.

 ALSO, the Rail Shop is CLOSED Tuesday 19th through the 24th and will open back up on Monday (25th) at 2pm. So, don’t go there because the door will not be open and you won’t be able to buy anything and then you’ll get sad and call us or message us and we’ll be like dudeeeeeee we told you it’s closed. So, don’t be that guy or gal 🙂

We look forward to sleeping AND seeing you when we’re back!