Railers Exit Interviews

Well, the 2017-18 season has finally come to an end. From opening night on October 14th to Game 6 of the Round One Kelly Cup playoffs vs. Adirondack–a lot has happened. Fortunately, with my position I am able to spend A LOT of time with the guys. From traveling on the bus, staying at the hotels, team building activities, we have gotten to know one another pretty well. I was able to form a unique relationship with each of the players this season and here is one more look into those interesting, but entertaining relationships. I grabbed one last interview before they said adios for the summer. Golf, weddings, summer jobs, and training are all on deck for the guys. Hear who is doing what. Enjoy!

Mike Cornell has a busy summer ahead of himself taking care of his first born baby girl Layton!

Kellen Jones is getting married this summer, congrats!

TJ Syner and Barry Almeida plan on working youth hockey camps and hitting the links this summer.

Turcs will be training this summer, duh.

Nick Saracino is thrilled to have Tuesday come visit the Saracino family this summer.

Ryan MacKinnon invited Tuesday to PEI too!

Mitch Gillam reflects on a great first year in Worcester and summer plans…and compliments Tuesday’s dance moves.

Ben Masella discusses his ripped jeans and plans to train and landscape this summer.

BFF’s Frankie DiChiara and Tuesday say goodbye…for now.

Local native Connor Doherty discusses his plan to crash on Tuesday’s couch and play Fortnite this summer.

There you have it. A look at what some of the guys will be doing this summer. Looks like everyone will be pretty busy. Let’s see who I actually get to pay a visit to…

With love,

Tom “Tuesday” Matthews