Imagining the Railers warm up soundtrack

My 5 warmup songs if I were the Railers DJ

By Tom Matthews

Alright, so there’s a lot of snow outside right now. I hope you’re inside with hot cocoa watching Lifetime movies on repeat. I’m definitely not doing that. Instead, I’m compiling a list of songs I WOULD have be the warmup soundtrack for the Railers. Alas, this is not the real list, instead just an imaginary, penny in the well, dream. I would never be trusted with such responsibility. So, here’s my list if I was the official Railers DJ. If you want to blow your ear drums, take a listen to these songs. What would your 5 warmup songs be? Comment on FB or Twitter!

  1. “Real Thing” – Turnstile

Baltimore, MD hardcore outfit Turnstile recently put out a new album, Time & Space, and I’ve been bumping it non-stop lately. The band does an incredible job of blending traditional hardcore, and new age metal, while also exploring alternative sounds. They’ve got one of the best bassists in hardcore, and this album is super groovy. “Real Thing” is a 1:47 long gut punch sure to get you going.

2. “DNA” – Kendrick Lamar

How could you not have king Kendrick on this list? One of the best tracks off the best rap album to come out in 2017. The beat is hot. Kendrick spits Fuego. I have had “I got, I got, I got, I got” stuck in my head since the first time I heard this song. A sure thing to get the players and crowd pumped before a big tilt.

3. “I Am a Ruin” – Born Without Bones 

Gotta represent the home state. What better way than with this ripper from Milford, MA’s Born Without Bones. This is BWB’s fastest, most aggressive track. I love the way the verses start with melodic picking and singing, before boiling over into full on chaos. Bang your head.

4. You Got It (The Right Stuff) – New Kids on the Block

This one needs no explanation. This might actually be my favorite song of all time. 4:09 of pure bliss. Been studying this music video to get that dance down.

5. “New Noise” – Refused

Last, but not least we have “New Noise” by Refused. I’m not sure how any warmup or pump-up tracklist could not include this song. That opening riff has to be one of the most adrenaline inducing riffs of all time. How can you not lose your mind when lead singer Dennis Lyxzen screams, “Can I scream?” Yes. Yes you can. And it gets me HYPED! Also this was in Friday Night Lights and that scene proves it’s the ultimate pump up song of all time.