HC Member Spotlight: Rich Lundin


Q1. You’ve been a hockey fan for a long time; did you grow up following hockey?I grew up during the “Bobby Orr Baby Boom”, started playing hockey when I was 5 at the Shore Drive rink. One of the 1st words I remember trying to say was “Esposito” (without much success)
Q2. Have you lived in Worcester your whole life?
Born and raised in Worcester – I think it’s a law that if you’re born here, you can’t leave.

Q3. You are a member of the Worcester Railers Booster Club. Can you tell us a little more about that?
We have a great Booster Club!  The Worcester Railers Booster Club is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion of the Worcester Railers hockey team, to promote hockey in central Massachusetts, to provide interactive opportunities for Railerss fans and boosters at both home and away games (yes we have many road trips planned), foster camaraderie and social/recreational activities for Booster Club members, and to contribute charitably to the Worcester County community (over the years we have donated over $50,000 to the greater Worcester community). It’s only $10 to join! Go to www.RailersBC.com for more info.

Q4. What is your favorite hockey memory from Worcester so far?
My favorite memory has to be the AHL All Star Classic. It was amazing for the fans, and the city. And I got to personally transport the Stanley Cup from the airport to Worcester! Opening nights are the best – I can’t wait for 2017!
Q5. How did you feel when you heard that professional hockey was coming back to your city?
It felt great knowing that it was coming back, but how it was coming back was what really impressed me. So many in Worcester helped supporting the effort to bring pro hockey back, and to have an owner like Cliff come in – a local guy, investing so much into the city, while creating a positive, family vibe – just an incredible feeling.
Q6. Do you have any advice for the Railers HC?
To the front office – keep that close/family feeling going! Listen to what the fans want. To the players – us fans/boosters are here for you, whether home or away. Stay active in the community, and this community will embrace you deeply. To hockey operations – just win baby!