Community Express: October 12th, 2016

October 12, 2016

Welcome back Railers fans.

It’s me again, Community Jill. I hope you all had a great Columbus Day weekend despite all the rain we got, it was an exciting weekend for New England sports fans. Brady took the field again and I was able to go hang out with TRAX’s friends Wally The Green Monster. I watched a bittersweet moment in history take place as Big Papi took his last stand. TRAX was a little upset I didn’t take him with me but he had to prepare for The Worcester Mini Olympics that he took part in on Wednesday, October 12 at Foley Stadium.


Worcester Public School students put on their game faces to compete in TRAX and Field Events on a beautiful sunny afternoon. TRAX got the runners pumped up and exchanged many of his signature high fours.


TRAX will be at The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce Game Changers business conference and expo at Mechanics Hall on Friday, October 14 to support owner Cliff Rucker. Cliff was tabbed as a Worcester Game Changer and will be the keynote speaker!

Don’t forget about our Skate to The Date event on October 14th at the DCU Center! I just got my skates sharpened, I’m ready to go…are you?

For more information on The Worcester Railers Community Events contact me (508) 365-1751.

Until Next time,

Community Jill!