Community Express (May 11-May 13)

by Paul Harris

What’s up everyone! Welcome back to another Community Express Community Recap! It’s been awhile. Trax and I have more free time to engage in the Central Massachusetts community now that the off-season is in full swing. We’re aiming for over 150 events this summer! Be sure to follow the Community Express because we’ll be posting new updates every Wednesday. If you see us in the community, be sure to take a photo and tag @Trax_RailersHC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! We’ll share our favorites.

We survived the rainy weekend and appeared at three large events, the first being the American Heart Association Heart Walk. This event was held at Quinsigamond State Park in Worcester and was a ton of fun. Trax got to hangout with his fellow Worcester Mascots, Arthur and Jake the Lion, and participate in a dance-off! I might be biased, but Trax totally won. Tom Matthews taught him some cool Fortnite dance moves. Anyways, Trax also participated in a record-setting group CPR demonstration! We had a great time and can’t wait to return next year!

The next event we appeared at was the Johnny Appleseed Annual Lawn Party in Leominster. We still had a great time even though the rain pushed us inside. There were numerous carnival games and inflatables that Trax got to play. Jake the Lion was there and so was Andy Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse!

We wrapped up the weekend at North Grafton Elementary School. We had our staff operate the Railers HC Shootout Inflatable for the kids at the Fun Fair all day. It was a huge hit! Trax was there and took some slapshots with the students.

The next edition of the Community Express will be posted tomorrow, May 23rd! Be sure to check it out for a recap of last weekend’s events!

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